my morning walk






When I start out it is about 740am, the sun is peaking over the trees and there may or may not be a bit of fog. The trees stand in silhouette against the lightening sky. I have always loved the contrast of their solidity vs the clouds above, it makes me pause before moving on.

As the sun rises I am aware of the landscape around me.  Fields tilled under, fences and silos; I am in the country again on a dirt road. A larg portion of my life has been spent on roads like this one and though there are things I love about the city, I find I miss the sound of frog singing, dog barking and birds rising with the sun.

The hawks and crows make their presence known. I wander alone in silence smelling the dew and the good earth beneath my feet. I look up at the trees and feel young and small.

I listen to the frogs sing and wonder and the beauty of their voices. In the half light I am the observer instead of  the observed.

I had forgotten how beautiful the beginning of a day could be. How peaceful and serene, the world can be beyond the hustle and business we make for ourselves.












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  1. I know how you feel, it’s perhaps my favourite time of day- embracing the quiet before the world wakes up.

  2. I break my days with yoga on my porch, listening to the birds and the world. It is much the same experience. I love city life, but it lacks the depth and soul of nature. I’ll never feel at home in a place that doesn’t have those things.

  3. A very evocative piece Amanda, I really appreciate all the things that make you feel good, everything you mentioned in your walk, and I agree with Christina that morning for me is the best time of the day, I love watching the world come to life. It’s like receiving a gift every day.

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