question of the week: 2/28


Do you surprise yourself (in a good way)?

I have found lately that I really enjoy being a girl. I should preface this by saying the most of my life I have been feminine but not really “enjoyed” being a girl. Most of HS and college I was on the tom-boyish side. A few years into teaching I started to really develop my own style and what I though worked for me. I think I have finally come in bloom, truly enjoying picking out cloths and accessories.

So how do you surprise yourself?


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  1. I surprise myself in my work because I just go with the moment, thinking on my feet and always finding new ways to explore music with my students. I love being in control of the lesson and I surprise myself when I think about the variety of students I have, I could never be myself in the same way if I was working for someone else. Being self-employed has really empowered me.

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