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This post is connected to this weeks question of the week. I have always thought of myself as a bit of a tom boy (right), very casual and fun-loving. That is not to say un-feminine but very low maintenance.

In fact for a long time it was part of my identity in HS and college. I was that “plain Jane” all American girl. I took pride in the fact that I could shower in 15 min and make-up (when used) took about 5min to apply.

But over time, through working and living in TX, I started to develop a style of my own, not just and anti-style. I love simply elegant things and fun things (left).  Point in case: yesterday I wore a cute t-shirt, retro print dress, with capped sleeves, red/brown 20’s looking shoes that laced and dainty silver accessories. Today I am wearing a long denim skirt, an olive-green graphic t-shirt, blk cowboy boots and hippy accessories. Make up yesterday and none today. I love that I am finally accepting that I can be pretty,  I can be plain. I haven’t quiet gotten to fabulous yet but I know its coming.


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  1. Amanda you sound fabulous already! I really like what you’ve written and identify with it a lot. I’m a plain Jane, jeans and t-shirt, hippy type and my make-up takes two minutes. I like to dress up if I’m going somewhere special but to be honest I can’t stand the feel of lots of make-up and can’t wait to remove it once I come home! Love the photos and I hope you’re settling into your new life, your recent posts seem happier…

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