Question of the week?


I was thinking about the wonderful older people in my life, particularly my grandmothers. There is such wisdom and love wrapped in the memories I have of them.  I did not meet either of my grandfathers  before they passed away but I have many fond memories of my grand mothers.

Who made a difference in your life? With the time and love that they shared?


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  1. My immediate answer to this was my grandparents on my mother’s side. However in reality there are really too many to mention if I consider my 43 years on the planet, many people have come and gone and many made a difference. That’s not an easy question to answer!

    • I know and even limiting it to “older” people is relative because there are always people “older” than you in your love. I love the wise counsel that I have found from so many sources and the compassion that comes from a little life experience.

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