Weekend in Atlanta- 2011


This past weekend I drove the four hours from where I live near Valdosta GA to Atlanta. It was a long drive after working all day but I was looking forward to a day doing what I love to do- take pictures of animals. I decided that I would go to the GA Aquarium, the Atlanta zoo and the Fernbank Natural History museum.

I decided to stay in a La Quinta hotel. I really like this chain of hotels, they are reasonable and sever a really nice breakfast. The room that I stayed in was more like a little suite that a hotel room. It was definitely designed with traveling business people in mind. The room was open and spacious I felt really spoiled. Also I got my room on priceline.com so it was cheaper that it would have been other wise.

I booked my tickets at the aquarium for 9am because a friend told me that it get really busy and she was right. The aquarium is famous for two things, 1 a tank with as much water as a foot ball field, 2 to be the only facility in the US that has manta rays. By the way they also have 4 whale sharks.

I had a great time taking photos and videos. I’m only going to talk about it briefly here but if you want to know more I’m going to do a series of posts at my other blog http://whiskertales.wordpress.com/ so if you’re an animal lover like me stop by and check them out.

After that (about 2 1/2 hrs) I went to the Atlanta zoo. I have to say that I was under impressed but I should also say that I have been to a lot of zoos. It was by no means a “bad” zoo but it was very crowded with little parking and ability to move around. I think it was mostly due to the fact that the zoo is older and the designers of that time never imagined the double stroller.

What I enjoyed most was the panda exhibit. US only have pandas as a gift from China or like these they are on loan for a breeding program. So I was excited to see such a rare creature in the US. They have a baby that is beyond cute.

Last  I went to the Fernbank to see an exhibit about mythical creatures. The museum itself is stunning, you walk up to a giant fountain with bronze dinosaurs in front of a Grecian style building. You enter on the second floor above the main dinosaur exhibit. It museum was very open and full of light, it was by far the mist beautiful building that I was in. The exhibit was great. Because it is a natural history museum not only did they have creatures from all over the world but the real current and prehistoric creatures that might have inspired these legends.

That night I went out to dinner with a friend and watched the horse carriages as they came out at sunset. Over all I had a great time. Yes, there is traffic but what big city doesn’t have that? I managed to get around just fine with my GPS. I would defiantly recommend this city to anyone passing though or looking for a nice trip. I know  I’ll be going back.


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