Question of the week- 3-17


Been thinking a lot about change this week. Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we shrink from it. Either way we grow, move on or doggedly exert a lot of energy to stay in the same place.

I am currently in one of those spaces; life is changing and I have to go with it or waste a lot of energy. I think at this point I’m going to go with it, though I have been battling it for the better part of 6months. It is not a happy change but I can choose to go forward and find happiness again.

So…How did you deal with a huge moment of change in your life? Did you stand still in shock or move forward?


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  1. Ouch. I’ve had a few of those massive changes come along, and I’ve not always dealt with them well. There is one notable instance which particularly stands out, in which I imploded and spent a year being nothing short of a walking nightmare. I was a disaster area and I’m pretty sure everyone around me ended up with some of the resulting toxicity. I was neither dealing, going, or trying to stay…I just devolved. I literally couldn’t imagine anything in my life ever being good again, and I didn’t want it to. I completely stopped being myself or thinking about anything beyond the next breath. It was ugly.

    Now, though, once I finally managed to move on (because, eventually, there’s just no livable alternative) I can see where that time of change was taking me. Now I try to be open to change, to trust that the Universe is spinning the way it’s supposed to and that what comes to me as things change will be more beautiful than what I had before. It’s still scary, and sometimes painful, but I try to meet change with a sense of anticipation. Of course, I realize that may be the lazy, passive way of dealing with things I can’t do anything about, too…

  2. Change is always a good thing even if in negative circumstances because like you said it’s an opportunity for us to grow and develop. Therefore I cannot stand still in the face of change, I always roll with it, usually embrace it and always find myself in a better set of circumstances afterwards although it doesn’t always seem like things might change for the better.
    I welcome change, I love it but I’m a person who gets bored very easily. Don’t get me wrong, I like routine and am very orderly but too much of groundhog day is not good for me!

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