Weekend in Tallahassee


So I cat sat over the weekend for some friends of mine. It was really fun and I enjoyed snooping around the city. I should say that I went to college in Tallahassee, so the city is not new to me but there are a few places that have earned a place in my heart.

On Saturday I went to Maclay State Gardens. Once privately owned it is now owned by the state and is a wonderful place to stroll in the shade and take pictures of flowers and trees.

After I spent an hour or so there I went to Tom Brown park.  It is a huge park with playgrounds for kids, hiking and biking trails and green as far as the eye can see. I love this park and have spent so much time there over the years

There are two shops that are a MUST when I come back to this town. With out question I will go to The Black Dog and get coffee. Not only are they an independent coffee-house but the shop has that wonderful “we are not Star Bucks”  read a book, stay as long as you want feel.I love every thing I have ever had and sit outside whenever possible.

And just across Lake Ella is The Quarter Moon. If you like hippy, fair trade and eclectic this is the store for you. I got a beautiful jewelry box, a silver turtle ring and a stone with a lotus flower carved into it.

So…if you ever make it to Florida’s capital and want to try something off the beaten path I would highly recommend these wonderful places.


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    • I love finding the places that give each city or town its heart and to me that means the independent sellers that linger because the community loves them so much.

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