Dreaming a world


On the advise of several of my loved ones and readers I am going to make a list of all the things that make me happy and I would like to see in my new place.

the town

  1. open spaces/ natural parks
  2. zoo/animal reserve
  3. lots of vegetarian/ ethnic restaurants
  4. diverse population ethnically/ spiritually/ politically
  5. a community that loves the arts/ has museums
  6. yoga studios
  7. moderate to dry climate
  8. as few bugs as possible

my home

  1. two rooms
  2. a porch or balcony
  3. light
  4. openness
  5. pet friendly
  6. no one above or below me

my job

  1. supportive of the arts
  2. invigorating
  3. cooperative/ communicative
  4. clear goals/ expectations
  5. support/ backing by superiors
  6. creative/ fun/ new

my community

  1. open-minded
  2. expressive
  3. caring
  4. depth/ heart-felt
  5. fun
  6. inclusive/ supportive

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  1. Love it! And what’s funny is, if I had to make my own list, it would pretty much look exactly like yours, with one exception: moderate to dry climate. Give me Seattle or Tacoma, with water and fir trees and towering mountains and storm clouds. 🙂

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