Question of the week


After making a list of the things that I want in a new place to live earlier this week I was thinking about what we love about the places we have lived. Here are a few places I have lived and what I remember most.

Wisconsin- deer, lots of snow (loved that as a kid), warm kind people

Ohio- spring bulbs, long temperate summers, corn fields, the first place I felt at home

Florida- natural beauty, swamps, springs, saw grass and oysters at the beach, manatees, simple hard-working people

New Mexico- cultural diversity, ancient history, native peoples, desert, mountains, simple humor, slow pace, bit of spice

Virginia- breath-taking, heart land, all natural, warm open people, artsy

Georgia- natural, wild, rural, funny, good-natured people, lots of good food

So…Where have you lived and what was good about it?


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