The piece that doesn’t fit


They say that love should be enough,

And in a world where we had no expectations to be disappointed

That might be true; but this is not that world.


I will never be all that you want me to be,

I will never shine as bright,

Be as faithful or attain all that you believe possible.


I will fall and fail,

I will choose roads you would not choose

And are not meant to travel.


But I can not be other than what I am,


I have twisted my body to please you,

Contorted my mind to understand you,

Destroyed my heart for the dream of you.


No longer can I pretend that your dream of me

Is who I am.

Or what I want to be.


Along the road back,

I have found pieces.

Once hated, now treasured.


The only real piece of me was the piece that did not fit.


AC 2011






9 responses »

  1. (sorry I don’t want to leave my email)

    Very thought provoking and beautiful. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. This is WONDERFUL – you are so eloquent, and for the record I love your puzzle piece. You are such an incredible person 🙂

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