Silence with-in


There are moments I let myself be quiet,

I sit listening to the calmness of my mind

And wonder why so often this feels unattainable.


I feel my heart quietly beating,

Reassuring me that I live and all is well.

My Breath steady and light as I close my eyes.


There is a silence deep inside me,

That is always there, waiting,

So wide and deep that it envelopes all, like a cocoon.


It follows me to the moment when I can be one with it.

It follows me to open my being beyond the day-to-day,

To the place where I remember who I truly am.


AC 2011


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  1. Very nicely written. Silence, that vast inner silence you speak of, can be such a friend. Add a dash of solitude, and its a real winning combination. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, and I agree.

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