Rochelle Wallace- Earth Prayers


As a new-born babe I crawl from my mother’s womb

And stand on wobbly legs in the new world,

Wash the new body that has just been

So tenderly born from a life time of labor,

And walk to stand before the fire.

I raise my face to your infinite sky

And feel your touch of grace:

Your gentle rain drops kissing my skin,

Your singing wind that moves the trees,

The hot breath of your dancing fire,

Your wet, rich earth beneath my feet.

O Spirit, I recognize you now:

My father, my mother, my unseen lover-

You’ve been here always in all things;

In all things has your spirit lived for me;

From all things has you spirit loved me.

Through all things has you spirit touched me.

And never was I left alone, nor could I be

In this truer world of holy people

And living stone.


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  1. I love the image you chose to go with this prayer. In fact, I have a copy in the guest room upstairs!

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