The movie weekend: four very different movies


Water for Elephants:

I read this book a few years ago when it came out and I can say that it is one of the best I have read in years. So…I was excited and nervous when I found out they were making it into a movie. Especially when I found out that Robert Pattinson would be the young Jacob. That said I really enjoyed the movie. It has a wonderful nostalgic feeling due to the romantic style of cinematography and the depression era setting of an old style train circus. This is not an action movie or even a big romance movie though they tried to bill it as such. It is the story of a young vet down on his lick who end up in a crazy circus and where he goes once he realizes who he is. I would recommend this movie to anyone who love a good story. Certain elements are not suited to young viewers.

Red Riding hood:

This is a “horror/thriller” take on the classic story. A small secluded village has been offering animals up every full moon for generations to appease the wolf, which of course is a were-wolf living in the village. They do a good job of keeping you guessing who the wolf really is. This one lack a bit of depth for me but I think most fans of the genera will find it acceptable. It is a little sexy overall, not to say overtly but in the way most vampire movies are sexy. I wouldn’t take young viewers to see this there are scary/ adult moments.

Sucker Punch:

If you like Anime, Action or girls kicking butt this is the movie for you, other wise pass on this one. I happen to like Anime/Graphic novel type movies so I enjoyed this mostly from an artistic point of view. A young girl is forced to go to a mental institution when her mother dies and her sister is accidentally killed. The movie then splits into two different realities: the girls in the institution and the girls as an elite squad of fighters in a fantasy version of  one of the World Wars. These sequences were particularly well done, lots of action and special effects. Not a movie for young viewers, the girls get a lot of harassment and abuse in various forms and the violent nature of the action part will upset them as well. But if this is your kind of movie its a fun ride.


I went into this not know what to expect accept that it is a take on Beauty and the Beast. Over all it was not bad but i had to endure the first 15 min to get to that conclusion. It starts off like all typical “teen” movies: beautiful guy/girl, socially awkward guy/girl= tension, blah, blah, blah. Then he pisses off the wrong witch- literally- and gets hexed; hence the interesting part of the movie begins. There are some nice funny moments as the “beast” tries to figure out how to woo a girl when you don’t have looks or a name on your side any more. What I thought was interesting was the choices the designers made about how “beastly” he would be. From the posters you can’t really tell but he’s not just tattooed up, he has massive scars covering his face and a few boils. I found this interesting because I think it was more of a “your worst nightmare” than the classic animal-ish transformation. It is a sweet movie and great for anyone looking for something light or that their tweens can watch.


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  1. I, of course, haven’t yet had a chance to see any of these, but I’m looking forward to Water for Elephants and was interested in Beastly. I’m glad to know they seem to have done a satisfactory job with Water…I loved the book SO much!

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