I need a what? Not so tecno-intuitive


So I moved into a house with no internet. For some people this wouldn’t be a big deal but for me this needed to be dealt with quickly. I called and set up a dedicated DSL line; seeing as I have a cell phone there was no need for a land line and I stream all the shows that I want to watch on my computer so I don’t see the point in cable.

wireless router

I then went and picked up a wireless router and naively thought that I was done. I came home plugged everything in and nothing happened. Then my more educated room-mates  says ” you need a motom.”  So the next day I went out and got a motom and a filter for the phone line. Now it all works beautifully.


I find in life lots of  “projects” end up like this. We think we know what we are going based on novice level information, we get up to our elbows and realize we need help or more instruction and the whole thing takes twice as long.  Now I know I could have let the phone company do it all but I would have had a higher bill and I would have had to do it all over again when I moved the nest time. This way not only did I learn about all the equipment and how it works but it’s all mine; so I’ll only be paying the 20$ a month for the DSL instead of the rental on all the equipment and the installation fees.

phone filter

I’m kinda proud of myself even though I did it the backwards way, that I did do it by myself. Normally this is the kind of thing I would have let my husband handle but since that is no longer an option I’m glad that I stepped up to the plate and did it all for myself. By the way my roommate likes being able to use the computer now and then too.

So here’s to adventuring in unknown territory for the sake of communication and entertainment.


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  1. Good for you for figuring it all out. I can’t imagine living long without internet. The 2 months I spent without it when I first came to Costa Rica just about drove me insane. It was good for me, but since my computer is also my contact with “home” doing without wasn’t a viable option. I can’t imagine doing the journey that I’m on without the ability to reach out and touch my friends and family far away. What, I sometimes wonder, must it have been like for all those colonists and settlers way-back-when who left kith and kin behind to go explore distant continents, knowing they probably would never get back home again?

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