Its been a bit much,  making decisions that will affect the next six months/ year of my life.

Its been a bit much, watching the calendar move closer to-day that used to mean so much and now resounds with pain.

Its been a bit much, to not passionately love anything about my life.

Its been a bit much, to move three times in the last six months and still need to rent a moving truck.

Its been a bit much, to watch the love of my life, move on so easily.

Its been a bit much, to be a daughter so overwhelmed that I haven’t had time for my family.

Its been a bit much, when even my cats, know I”m not really here.

So how do I go about changing/ surviving my life?

How do I let myself be here and run madly in the other direction?

How do I open my heart when all I feel is pain?


Its good, when I do my morning thing.

Its good, when my mom has one last treatment to go.

Its good, when my sister is having a girl!

Its good, when my roommate makes me laugh.

Its good, drinking coffee on the porch.

Its good, listening to the soft purr next to me.

Its good, knowing I am here and there is so much to come.

Its good, because I am alive.

A Crossley 5-2011


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  1. It’s good, because soon the sun will rise and a new day will dawn, brighter and more glorious than you could imagine. And a whole new chapter of your life will begin.

  2. Time will heal you and you will be stronger. You are a surviver! Love you!!! I will try to get a copy of our concert and email you the mp3s. I think it will definitely lift you spirits.

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