question of the week: 5-25-2011


So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “home” and what makes a place home. For me this is a complicated question. I know for many people it is summed up as the place they grew up. But for those of us who have had wandering lives and childhoods it’s not that simple.

I think the closest I can come is saying “the place where my parents live.” That is not to say the geographic location but the fact that they reside there. If there were to a house I had never seen it would still be equally home.

Now as I adjust to my new life, I find I have similar thoughts about my own home. As long as me and the boys (cats) can be together it is my home.

So what makes your home homie? I would love to know.


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  1. For me, ‘home’ is a pretty flexible idea. ‘Home’ is anywhere where I have my own personal space, my own routines, my life. It’s not tied to any person or specific object, so ‘home’ can move pretty easily. When I think about ‘going back home’ of course, it’s different. ‘Back home’ is either the town where I grew up and much of my family still lives or the town where I spent my 20’s and most of my friends still reside. But, while I am fond of these places because of familiarity, family and friends, they aren’t my ‘home’ anymore. They aren’t where I live or want to be.

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