Gone to the beach


Yesterday my friend Christina and I drove two hours to Jacksonville beach. Neither of us had been in years and were excited. The beach was crowded seeing as it was Memorial weekend but the people were pleasant due to a sun educed coma.

I brough sunblock which I offered to my friend and put on my face before we left. (I should have been smart and done the rest of me as well) When we go there is was a little over cast but as the afternoon wore on the sparse clouds disappeared and the sun shone down in all its glory.

It was nice to be near the ocean. When I was small we lived in Tampa Fl for a few years and would go to the beach all the time. Then we moved north and I did my swimming in lakes and ponds. When we moved back to Florida I was a teenager and we lived in the northern part of the state where there are a lot of fresh water springs. It wasn’t until I was in college that I started going to the beach again on any regular basis. Mostly to wander and banter with friends, swimming occasionally.

Sine college I have lived in dryer more western locations so water was hard to find outside of a pool. There is something refreshing about the water and the air though. The way the moon, tides and earth keep moving and changing even if we choose to be oblivious to it. The sound of its going and coming again and again like the dawn.

I had forgotten how peaceful it is (even in a crowd) to sit and listen to the wind, waves and sea gulls. I had a really wonderful time even though I’m pretty red- no blisters but I’m sure I’ll peel in due time.


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