Harry Connic Jr: Music and Movies


I guess I should being this post by saying that I have been listening to “Crooner” music (as I refer to it) for most of my life. Along with Harry: I have Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Peter Cincottie and Micheal Buble.  My dad instilled a love of this music in my at a young age and when I got older I intentionally learned to do the fox trot swing dances so I could enjoy it more.
I think I got my first Harry Connic album in college. It was his “20” album, to this day I listen to “If I only had a brain,” from the wizard of Oz and it makes me smile. May all time favorite album is “Come by Me,” the music id so varied and fun. The cut of “Cry me a River” is just wonderful.On days when I need a bit of a pick me up or have cleaning to do I throw in “Songs I hear,” its upbeat temp and light-heartedness makes the work seem less like work.
There is something very American about this style of music to me. I know that its history varies all over. But when I think about New York, Chicago and the deep South this kind of music seems to ooze out of  jazz bars and bayou mud.
(click the picture to go to his official site.) I am so happy that it has been carried along by different artists over the years and managed to remain current and relevant. That said a carrier like Harry’s is hard to come by these days.
I have to admit that I am not as well versed on his movies as his music, that is not to say that I don’t like or haven’t seen a few. The two that I remember the most are: Memphis Belle and Hope Floats. I remember watching the first with my father when I was a tween. It would start a long line of war movies and understanding what it means to live with a veteran. The second I watched sometime later when I was well into “chick” flicks. I love Harry and Sandra together. They are both such “real” people, you don’t get the sense that you are watching something totally contrived.
So here’s to Harry, long live the wonderful music and sweet smiles.
2011 When Angels Sing (post-production)
Michael Walker
2011 Dolphin Tale (completed)
Dr. Clay Haskett
2008 Living Proof (TV movie)
Denny Slamon
2002-2006 Will & Grace (TV series)
Leo Markus

The Finale (2006) … Leo Markus
2005 The Happy Elf (video)
Lil Farley (voice)
2004 Mickey
2003 Basic
2003 Freedom: A History of Us (TV series documentary)
Jeff Thompson / Joseph Pulitzer

Wake Up America (2003) … Jeff Thompson
2002 Life Without Dick
Daniel Gallagher
2000 The Simian Line
2000 My Dog Skip
Narrator (voice)
1999 Wayward Son
Jesse Banks Rhodes
1992 Cheers (TV series)
Russell Boyd

1990 Memphis Belle
Sgt. Clay Busby


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