Documentaries for everyone


Let me begin by saying I watch a wide variety of documentaries from animals to social commentary. If you are easily offended this is not the post for you. If you are a person who likes variety and different points of view jump on in. I have tried to lump them together in loose categories and will only be discussing my favorite from each group. Please feel free to chime in on ones you like and suggestions for good ones I should get around to watching.

Amazing People:

Beyond belief, Born into brothels

I’m not sure that I can explain the full impact that this documentary had on me. I was he first time that I was truly touched by this art form. The photographer in this story is so unlike people who go to “study” culture or do humanitarian acts that she drew me in. I am so grateful that she chose to document her journey with these young children.

Society and political:

The business of being born, My kid could paint that, Who killed the electric car, Maxed out, Walmart: the high cost of low price, This film is not yet rated, Control Room

This documentary changed my ideas about hospitals and health care as a woman forever. I am so glad the Rickie Lake made this after her own experiences with birth. It is a look into the choices a woman has when giving birth and how hospitals are not really for natural birth any longer. If you have never had children and are a woman I would watch this.

Food and Health:

The Future of food, Killer at large, Super-size me, Food Inc

I have to admit that I watched this one because it was a little out there and I’m glad I did. Being tracked by a general practitioner, dietitian and cardiologist this man sets out to document what would happen if you at fast food every day, three meals a day for a set period of time. Aside from the obvious weight gain it is shocking what his health care professionals find. this documentary started me down the road to really thinking about what I put into my body.

Classic Biographies:

Rivers and Tides, The Pixar story, Ben & Jerry

I must confess that I have been interested in Andy Goldsworth since I first studied him in art college. He is an amazing artist who works only with natural elements in the environment that he finds them. he is such a quiet peaceful person. I was truly inspired by his love of nature.


Jesus Camp, The education of Shelby Knox

I don’t usually like documentaries about this subject because they tent to be terribly one-sided. But I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this one. Shelby is a very out spoken Christian student who gains compassion and understanding for students with different life choices through her work on the student council and in the community.  This is one of the few documentaries that shows someone willing to find the middle ground and work the common issues instead of polarizing.

Gay/alternative lifestyles:

Beautiful daughters, Pageant

This is about the first transgender cast to perform the Vagina Monologs and the stories of the cast members. I found the stories of these women very moving and saddening. Some of them survived horrific events to be the person they felt they should be.

Music and the Arts:

Harp dreams, They came to play, Every little step, Ballerina, Pressure cooker

I knew nothing about harps, harpist or the compositions that they compete in and I enjoyed this film. It followed the young musicians as they travel from all over the world to Indian to compete. Their stories are moving and their dedication to such a challenging instrument inspiring.


An inconvenient truth, No impact man

Every once in a while you see a documentary that shows truth in a new way. In this one you see the realities of leaving no impart and how that would affect your everyday life. The husband willing takes on this experiment and brings his caffeinated wife and small child along for the ride. But don’t think that he is concerned for the planet, nope it’s just and experiment. When I first watched this I wanted to dislike the father but by the end I realized that his wife was such an amazing person and her side of the story made this film for me.


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