John Williams: Music and Movies


 John Williams

For many of us watching a movie with an incredible score is what makes the film. The man behind so many of those moments is John William from E.T to the theme for the Olympics his has done it all and made history along the way.

I remember doing a project with my students about art and music. We listened to a double cd that I have of his music when the students tried to get inspiration from Kandinsky.

I quizzed them on what I considered very well-known pieces of cinema music and had a heavy heart when they could not recognize the original theme to Superman or the flying theme from E.T. In their defense they probably never saw either movie. But they did get Jaw, Hook and Jurassic Park.

I mention this project because we took the time to listen to each piece and though some where easily identified (The Imperial March from Star wars) there was plenty of room to talk about the different instruments and the mood they created. How you could tell by the first few moments if it was a theme, adventure or the bad guy. It was wonderful to share the gift of this amazing music with my students and I hope that you as well will be inspired to listen to the work of this amazing man.


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