The versatile blogger: me?


I must start by saying how sweet I think this is!!! Also  that I’m not sure I deserve it. I have ready so many wonderful blogs that are really dedicated and half the time I feel that mine is all over the place. It’s nice to know that some where in all that rambling and hit and miss that it touched some of you and made a connection.

So here’s to the blogs that I read and some randomness about myself.

There are rules to getting awards.

1. Thank the people who give them to you and link to their blog. (a wonderful spunky blog about life)

2.  Next nominate 15 Bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination. I’m not sure I follow 15 blogs but here goes:

  11. the un-named blog of my beloved friend

3.  Finally, tell readers 7 things about yourself.

  1. I am very defined as a “middle” child. I have one older brother and a younger sister. I classically fall into a peacemaker role in most situations in my life and I like being a caring, good listener kind of friend.
  2. I have two cats, who pretty much take up my whole non-working world. In general I am passionate about animals but I could not imagine my life with out them
  3. I was married and now I’m not. It has been the greatest lesson of my life.
  4. I have no idea where I am going to “be” in the next year let along five. I used to be a teacher but now I work in an office. Who knows what the next bend will bring.
  5. Mostly vegetarian (I know for you true veggies out there I’m not but I do my best) blood type a positive and all, it suites me.
  6. I love making all kinds of stuff from sculptures to scrap-booking. I believe that creativity once tapped will over flow into any path it can find.
  7. I am on the journey to find my bliss again. After the past year, I have done a lot of questioning and doubting. I think I’m finally getting ready to love myself and my life again.

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  1. You deserve it – your blog is great, I never think it’s all over the place – you write from the heart with total honesty.
    Interesting facts about yourself especially that you were a teacher and now work in an office – I used to work in an office and am now a teacher!
    Because you like pets you may be interested in this blog: by Barbara in Australia, she’s a great person and I think she cares for everybody and everything!
    Keep up your good work and keep sharing your journey. Marcia x

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