Grand Bay: day trip


This past Saturday I took myself on a day trip to Grand Bay Wildlife Refuge which is less than 10 min from my house. I was really surprised by how nice the picnic area was and how long the board walk to the tower is.

It was cold and quiet, it made for the perfect morning stroll. I enjoyed the solitude and the chance to just be with nature far away from the sounds of people.  I forget sometimes how necessary it is to remember my place in the world as just one small thing living with many others; some much older than  myself.

There is a cypress stump there that they think was around 600 yrs old when the loggers cut it down. That is older than our country! I didn’t see many animals a few small birds and one heron. There were some late season flowers and weeds making a go of it before we get frost.

I had a really good time, it was nice to get out and take some photos. Here are a couple more.



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  1. I stopped by to stroll around your blog. The first thing i read ,of course because it was first on your site, was the poam. How moving. I go through those neutral days in life, neither in drive or reverse, or in love or hate. These are days that i desperatly try to grab enough energy to get up and create. For within my art I always find peace.( If I understand the poam correctly) I too am just a small spot in the world. Looking around, walking, exploring, pausing and taking in the beauty is a wonderful way to spend a day. Thanks for the reminder!

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