There is a crack, a tiny hole in the once impenetrable walls.

And though the guards have not noticed and the king sits calmly on his throne,

The engineer is worried.

Silently he measures, calculates and waits.

Waits to tell them the inevitable truth, a truth they do not wish to hear:

The structural integrity has been compromised.

It sounds cool and calm but in his mind he is really saying:

We’re fucked.

One day- not right away, the wall will crack and then crumble

And eventually fall down, all because of that tiny hole.

How could this happen? He had been so vigilant, planned and tested it a thousand times.

Maybe it was the foundation or the mortar

Or an unforeseen wind or movement of the ground.

Be that as it may the whole was there and no amount of plaster could cover the truth.

The wall would fall and they would be left defenseless.

ac 2012


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