song retrospective: my life in song


I had just moved:

These songs to me reflect the hope that I have when I first moved to Virginia. I wanted to my life to change for the better and I have the self-confidence and belief that it would. I look back on that moment and know that woman is still in me somewhere.





I left Virginia:

I see myself in these songs striving to accept my life situation and mourn it as a part of life and not the end of my life. It has been amazing looking back to see how fiercely I knew I would survive.  I am grateful that we all have more strength than we realize.




When I knew that it was really real






Where I am now:

I’m not sure where my life goes from here but I know that I’m okay. The work before me is my own and not tied to the life I used to have. It has been a long journey but one that has made me a better person. So I bless it as I turn my back and keep walking.



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  1. “Dust in the Wind” is a very powerful song and one of my favorites. It is very nihilistic and can touch you deeply when you are hurting. It is also helpful when you need long term perspective.

    However, it can lead to further depression without a counterbalance. I didn’t completely listen to every one of these songs fully, but I did see that you had a few that touched tones of hope. To help counter balance some of the insignificance I feel after listening to “Dust in the Wind” I would suggest listening to this song – “Before the Morning” by Josh Wilson. Id like to know your thoughts on it.

    • I like it it’s a very positive song. I reminds me of “you are loved” by Josh Groban and “Lost” by Michale Buble. I know what you mean aobut balancing the “this is where I am” kinda sing with ones that remind us that there is more than just this moment. That things will get better. I think that its the one saving grace I held on to while going through and recovering from my devoirce was that my life would get better, the pain would eventually stop and that one day I would love again. I told myself that I would not become a bitter man hater that would serve no one least of all myself. I honestly wish my “X” well and hope that what ever he could not find in our life together that he can so that he can be happy too.
      thanks for the encouragement and cool song.

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