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question of the week: 5-25-2011


So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “home” and what makes a place home. For me this is a complicated question. I know for many people it is summed up as the place they grew up. But for those of us who have had wandering lives and childhoods it’s not that simple.

I think the closest I can come is saying “the place where my parents live.” That is not to say the geographic location but the fact that they reside there. If there were to a house I had never seen it would still be equally home.

Now as I adjust to my new life, I find I have similar thoughts about my own home. As long as me and the boys (cats) can be together it is my home.

So what makes your home homie? I would love to know.


Question of the week: 4-15-11


Ever stood back from your life and realized you where over-doing it somehow?

The past six moths of my life has had me asking a lot of introspective questions but this one is a little more practical. I don’t like that I don’t have much free or down time. I hate that I have a stressful job and I feel like I wast my time de-stressing and then find I don’t have much time left in the day to do the things I like to do (like blogg!).

So how do we go about doing what we must but evaluating the rest to see where the spaces are? For me I have traded a half an hour in the morning that was devoted to exercise (630-7) to a quiet time. This makes me so much happier and ready for the crazy day. I still do the exercise from 7-745 but I don’t feel cheated of the other meaningful things in my life. I try on the weekends to do things I really love like being outside or seeing friends.

So…What do you do when you realize there is some re-arranging to do with your priories?

Question of the week


That is your ideal end of the day sitting in the sun kind of beverage?

The weather here has been so nice, inspiring me to set out for a little in the evening when I get home and sip something in the sun. I like pink lemonade and in the way of adult beverages long island ice tea.

What’s yours?


Question of the week


After making a list of the things that I want in a new place to live earlier this week I was thinking about what we love about the places we have lived. Here are a few places I have lived and what I remember most.

Wisconsin- deer, lots of snow (loved that as a kid), warm kind people

Ohio- spring bulbs, long temperate summers, corn fields, the first place I felt at home

Florida- natural beauty, swamps, springs, saw grass and oysters at the beach, manatees, simple hard-working people

New Mexico- cultural diversity, ancient history, native peoples, desert, mountains, simple humor, slow pace, bit of spice

Virginia- breath-taking, heart land, all natural, warm open people, artsy

Georgia- natural, wild, rural, funny, good-natured people, lots of good food

So…Where have you lived and what was good about it?

Question of the week: 3-24


Do you “like” your job/ work? I get asked this all the time. I think its like the “how are you doing?”¬† question that is socially polite but the answer is not really listened to and if you say anything other than find you get a weird look.

So my question for this week is- What does your job do for you?

For example my job fills 8 hrs of my day and provides me with the means to be good to the people I live with and love on myself which right now is a must.

So.. tell me all about it.

Question of the week- 3-17


Been thinking a lot about change this week. Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we shrink from it. Either way we grow, move on or doggedly exert a lot of energy to stay in the same place.

I am currently in one of those spaces; life is changing and I have to go with it or waste a lot of energy. I think at this point I’m going to go with it, though I have been battling it for the better part of 6months. It is not a happy change but I can choose to go forward and find happiness again.

So…How did you deal with a huge moment of change in your life? Did you stand still in shock or move forward?

Question of the week?


I was thinking about the wonderful older people in my life, particularly my grandmothers. There is such wisdom and love wrapped in the memories I have of them.  I did not meet either of my grandfathers  before they passed away but I have many fond memories of my grand mothers.

Who made a difference in your life? With the time and love that they shared?