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Deva Premal: meditation and beauty


Aad guray nameh
Jugaad guray nameh
Sat guray nameh
Siri guru devay nameh
I bow to the Primal Guru,
I bow to the Guru woven through time
I bow to the True Guru, the true
identity of the self.
I bow to the Great Guru whose great
glory will always be.
Guru: that which brings us from darkness
(GU) to light (RU).


Deva Premal Gayatri Mantra


Lyrics :

‘Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat’

‘We meditate on the transcendental Glory of the Deity Supreme, who is inside the heart of the earth, inside the life of the sky and inside the soul of Heave. May He stimulate and illuminate our minds.’

prayer – maya angelou


Father, Mother, God,
Thank you for your presence
during the hard and mean days.
For then we have you to lean upon.
Thank you for your presence
during the bright and sunny days,
for then we can share that which we have
with those who have less.
And thank you for your presence
during the Holy Days, for then we are able
to celebrate you and our families
and our friends.
For those who have no voice,
we ask you to speak.
For those who feel unworthy,
we ask you to pour your love out
in waterfalls of tenderness.
For those who live in pain,
we ask you to bathe them
in the river of your healing.
For those who are lonely, we ask
you to keep them company.
For those who are depressed,
we ask you to shower upon them
the light of hope.
Dear Creator, You, the borderless
sea of substance, we ask you to give to all the
world that which we need most—Peace.

prayer – maya angelou

Serenity Prayer


God, grant us the…
Serenity to accept things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference
Patience for the things that take time
Appreciation for all that we have, and
Tolerance for those with different struggles
Freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways, the
Ability to feel your love for us and our love for each other and the
Strength to get up and try again even when we feel it is hopeless.

peace in the storm & inner knowing


Some mornings we wake up and the inner voice says you need to get quiet and prayed up today. We blithely smile and think “that would be nice,” knowing that it is always a good thing to be in the quiet place in our hearts…and 45 min later the phone rings.

This was my morning, I thank God that I gave myself the love and care to be in that quiet place so that I could face the phone calls, emails and shock to come.  I am grateful spirit lead me to be prepared and centered for this day. Does that mean I don’t get shaken? No, but I am able to listen with my heart, remember I am not alone and be what I need to be for the people who I love. Thank you, thank you God.

Prayer of Saint Patrick, arranged by John Rutter


My choir sang this song and ever since then I have been haunted not only by the beauty of the music but the words. God is all around us, in all things and we are never alone. There are not images until after the music stops, I invite you to close your eyes and let the deep knowledge that you are never alone sink in just a little deeper.