So as some of you know from my posts I have been an avid reader most of my life, with periods of less and more. I seem to be in a period of more lately and will use this space to talk about books and movies based on books. I must warn you that this is just for fun and it is not a serious attempt at being a “reviewer.”  But I do hope that through sharing maybe we will find good books to talk about.

I read a mostly fantasy, with a little historical fiction and sci-fi thrown into the mix. I am very open to new generas but I am slow and need a good recommendation to step out there. So here I go off into the wonderful world of books!


I just finished a great book called “Heir to Sevenwaters,”  by Juliet Marillier. It is a nice fantasy novel about a young girl and her unlikely companion who have to travel into the faerie lands to retrieve  her infant brother who has been stolen and replaced by a changeling.

I really loved the characterization in this book. Clodagh is the reliable daughter in the family, designed to handle the domestic affairs if her mother is ever in need. She is smart and caring but sheltered in her family life until she meets a man who doesn’t seem to abide by any rules.

This is not a total love story, though the elements are there. There is great adventure and amazing creatures in the faerie realm. If  you like your fantasy in a well build, realistic world this is a good one for you.

3/21/2011 Currently finishing Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. So far so good. This is my third book by Maguire and I have fallen in love with his ability to take a well-known story and make of think about it not just from another point of view but as if the stories passed down to us were based on real lives that have been exaggerated or not into the “tales” we have now. If you like fairy tales you will love this “grown up” interpretation. I found this one easy to read and fun to imaging.

8-7-2011 currently reading

8-30-2011 finished

If you have read any of this series you will enjoy the beloved characters and simple life situations in a magical setting. If however, you are a fan of his more serious works this may not be enough to hold you interest. I highly recommend reading them in order. If you don’t a lot of the inside jokes won’t make any sense to you and you’ll miss out on the fun. In this novel the main character shifts from Ben Holiday- King of Landover- to his daughter. She’s 16 need I saw more. Along the way she finds help from a cranky dragon and a capricious cat.

9-1-2011 currently reading

9-17-2011 finished

I was surprised by this book. It came to me by way of a guy friend of mine.  He knows how much I love a good dragon story so he loaned it to me. It is the first in a trilogy and I will HAVE to read the next to. It takes place during the Napoleonic wars in England. A young sea-captain takes and ship that is transporting a dragon egg. Inadvertently the dragon bonds to our young captain and changes his career and life forever.

What I liked most about this world is that dragons have always been around, always been a part of the military and civilian life as carriers. Though looked down upon the air core serves a vital part in the war. Though this is written by a woman I was pleased to find the reserve do the time period and a military man. There are no love stories, except those of the dragons and their riders. I highly recommend this to anyone who lived history, action and dragons.

9-17-2011 currently reading

I don’t remember when I finished this..but I Loved it.

The year of wonders is the story of a plague village that isolates itself to save the communities around them. It is moving and harsh. The characters are interesting and real. I was pleasantly surprised but the plot knowing that most of them would die. It you like historical fiction  this is a good read.


  start date 01-15-2012 Empire of Ivory book 4

I read 2 and three and loved them. Lawrence is such a no-nonsense  character unfettered but a huge past just doing his best for his country and dragon. It is refreshing to read fantasy that is not laced full of romance or magic.  Instead you journey with the hard-working, unappreciated air corps who always seem to pull it off in the end.

Very fun, love these books.


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