kiaking at the lake


I few weeks ago my best fiend and I had a weekend at home (we live together) at the same time. So we decided to go canoeing. When we got to the lake they were sold out on canoes and all they had left were three kiaks. Being bold we decided to go for it though neither of us had ever used one.

We set out in bathing suites and sun glasses to explore the several miles of lake that had cypress trees growing out of it. The weather was perfect: sunny but not hot with a slight breeze. After months of winter it was nice to get out and get some vitamin D.

First we made our way out of the main channel where all the big trees where and off into the trees. It is hard to describe how cool it was to float so close to the giant trees and glide through lile pads.

Following the edge of the lake we made our way back into some secluded areas only a foot or two deep. We startled some birds resting in the high grass and discovered a small water snake clinging to a cypress. Best of all we saw a bald eagle high in its nest over the water standing guard. I have only seen one bald eagle before so it was really cool for me.



We stayed out on the water for about four hrs. I’m not going to lie by the time we came in we were whipped but it was so worth it. I felt strong and amazed that we almost walked away from a great adventure. Instead we both have a memory that we will keep for a long time.


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  1. I really enjoyed that story, you’re braver than I am. I admire you for doing all these new and wonderful things lately. Your photos look great and I’m sure I could enjoy something like that, not too sure about the snake though…..

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